11 Smart Apps For Business

All apps are available for Android, Blackberry, and iPhone devices unless otherwise noted.
11 Smart Apps For Business

1) Bump: A simple app for swapping contacts, calendar events, and other info during face-to-face meetings. Select what you want to share, then tap your phones together to transmit the data. A new PayPal feature even lets you Bump money to another person’s account. Free. (Android/iPhone only)
2) Documents To Go: This app lets you view, edit, and create Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files on your mobile device. The premium version also allows syncing with Google Docs, iDisk, Dropbox, and other online, cloud storage services. $9.99/$14.99.
 3) Dropbox: Save important files in an online folder that’s accessible no matter what computer or device you’re working from. 2GB of online storage. Free with up to 100GB available for paying customers.
4) Expensify: This Web and mobile app simplifies expense reporting. Download transaction data directly from your credit card company, and scan cash receipts using your smartphone camera. Generate PDF expense reports and export directly to QuickBooks. Free.
5) Evernote: When a good idea strikes, don’t risk forgetting. This Web and mobile app helps you remember everything with geo-tagged photos, text, or audio notes. Free ($5-per-month premium service).
6) Fuze Meeting: Host and attend Web meetings from your mobile phone. Share images, documents, video, and PowerPoint presentations with other participants. One feature allows you to “fetch” attendees from your social media contacts. Starts at $10 per day.
7) MeetMe: Instead of umming and ahhing about where to meet a client or partner, use this app to quickly identify a convenient location that’s halfway between the two of you. Enter both addresses and the type of venue (i.e., coffee shop, restaurant, bar) and the app spits out recommendations. Free. (iPhone only)
8) Remember the Milk: A robust to-do list manager for productivity nerds and others who want to stay organized. Create lists for each project. Tag items for keywords, priority, location, and due date. Free.
9) TripIt: E-mail your travel confirmations to TripIt and the app will organize all of the information related to your itinerary in one place, as well as automatically alert you to any flight delays or other issues that may come up. Free.
10) When I Work: A St. Paul company created this Web and mobile app to take the hassle out of scheduling hourly and part-time employees. Employees can check schedules, request time off, and get e-mail or text shift reminders. $10 to $40 per month. (Android/iPhone only)
11) WorldCard: No more manually entering business cards into your phone contacts. Snap a photo of any business card using this app, and it converts the text into an electronic contact and merges it with your phone’s existing contacts. $5.99. (iPhone only)