Style Profiles

Stacy Bee and Pierce McNally
Style Profiles

Stacy Bee

President, Esbee Public Relations and Marketing, Minneapolis


• “My style is classic and put together. I really enjoy the traditional Chanel look.”

• “Accessories are a big part of my style. I wear them with almost everything. I love pulling out my grandmother’s vintage pearls and putting them on. I also shop for accessories at StyledLife in the Galleria.”

• “I pick up several of my signature pieces at Neiman Marcus. I also enjoy the boutiques on Grand Avenue in St. Paul. I love finding local designers who create quality pieces.”

• “Minnesotans are so worried about what others think, but I don’t pay attention to that. If it’s fun and it makes me smile, I just throw it on. If you have the confidence to wear something, everyone else will go along with it.”


Pierce McNally

Senior attorney, Gray Plant Mooty, Minneapolis
Chief strategic officer and legal counsel, OutsourceOne, Minneapolis


• “My style is traditional with a bit of flair. I wear suits most of the time, but I’ll put a twist on it. I always have a pocket square in an unexpected color. For shirts, I prefer French cuffs with cufflinks.”

• “[I like] the way people dressed in the movies in the 1950s. Cary Grant and Fred Astaire knew how to put clothes together well.”

• “I am a regular customer of Gianluca Isaia, a designer from Naples, Italy. His clothes have a wonderful flair, and I’ve had him create custom suits for me. Locally, I shop at Judd Frost in Wayzata and Hubert White in Minneapolis.”

• “In the spring and summer, I wear more sport coat/dress pant combinations instead of suits. I wear more color in spring, too. My ties have a bit more pop.”