Range Systems

New Hope
Range Systems

Designs and builds live-fire shooting ranges and shoot houses for the military, law enforcement, and commercial shooting markets.

35 employees; founded in 1995

Charlie Baker, CEO: 

How’s Business? Revenues are growing. We expect to achieve 20 percent growth in 2012 over last year.

Biggest Challenge: Capital to support the ongoing growth of the business, and making sure we receive a fair return on this capital through staff and new technology development.

A Recent Win: [We] right-sized the amount of space we operate in and signed a new lease to fit the space. I believe it was the springboard for the growth we are experiencing as it opened up our working capital and allowed us to make some new investments. 

Proudest Moment: I placed a congratulatory call to a retiring customer, who worked for a Special Forces Unit of the U.S. Army. During the call, he informed me that within a few months after the attacks of September 11, 2001, his unit built the first live-fire shoot house in Afghanistan with our product. All of his unit trained in the facility, completed their missions, and returned home safely. Without a doubt, it is the proudest moment of my professional life.