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Products that can add new capabilities to your work environment.
Office Products Pavilion

Workable Videoconferencing

On the spectrum of videoconferencing systems, the options range from simple online services that work with your desktop computer to elaborate telepresence systems that simulate in-person meeting experiences.

For companies seeking a middle ground of complexity and price, there is the LifeSize Passport system, which is available locally from Eden Prairie–based AVI Systems. The high-definition video system consists of a camera, a codec—the brains of the system—and a microphone. It can be used with most computer, TV, or videoconference monitors.

The system is easily transported, set up, and connected, so it is suitable for use by telecommuters and travelers, as well as in multiple areas within an office. It uses standard network connections, so there’s no need for the expensive infrastructure upgrades required by some more elaborate systems.

Call Monitoring

The Audiolog system by Verint enables recording, archiving, and playback of phone conversations for call centers and public-safety departments. Offered locally by Northland Business Systems in Burnsville, the system is available either as a standalone recorder-and-playback unit or as a dedicated server, which can be integrated into an established network. The call-recording server offers full-time, on-demand, criteria-driven, or scheduled recording.

New recording options for emergency response agencies can capture calls containing data such as location maps; telematics, such as the OnStar system; text messages; video; and TTY systems used by the hearing impaired.

Giving Direction

You can do more than post signs to help your visitors find their way around your office or facility. Interactive wayfinding systems from Jupiterbay offer features such as touchscreens and printable directions and maps.

St. Cloud–based Marco, Inc., designs and installs exterior and interior systems for health care, education, government, and commercial offices. The wayfinding systems are controlled by Web-based software that allows users to update messages—including text, images, and video—and manage multiple installations from a central location. Marco can configure the installations to display real-time content from third-party sources, such as event scheduling systems, news feeds, weather feeds, and more.

Marco can also host and maintain the wayfinding software for you.