Best Use Of Floral: Marsha Hunt, Thompson Hunt Floral And Event Design; Bridget Connell, BC Events

Hispanic National Bar Association
Best Use Of Floral: Marsha Hunt, Thompson Hunt Floral And Event Design; Bridget Connell, BC Events

A four-day convention included evening events, each with its own theme and décor: 

A “Latin fusion” cocktail party at Orchestra Hall featured cascading, brightly colored flowers and wooden patio lanterns hanging from the ceiling. Tabletop topiaries designed to look like miniature lemon trees decorated the bar. The décor was meant to evoke an outdoor, moonlit garden party.

At the Science Museum of Minnesota, A “NEON GLOW” cocktail party with a nightclub feel was decorated with round paper lanterns lit with LED lights and hung from the ceiling, and centerpieces illuminated with neon glow necklaces and bracelets.

A ballpark-themed party at Target Field offered drinks and live music. 

The décor included wheatgrass that evoked the grass on the ballfield and bright spring flowers reused from the first night’s garlands. Centerpieces were composed of pink hydrangeas and branches of curly willow in tall, clear trumpet vases.

A “crystal fire and ice”–themed closing gala at the Hilton Minneapolis juxtaposed candlelight and brilliant flowers with crystal accents and ice-illusion arrangements. The latter were made with clear crumpled cellophane alternating with layers of rose petals and hydrangea blooms and combined with cherry blossom branches and curly willow. Floating candles in cylinder vases featured submerged red and magenta Mokara orchids, reused from the previous night. Clear trumpet vases draped with crystal roping and wide cylinder vases held roses, hydrangeas, and calla lilies.

The client asked for décor that honored the diverse Latin culture of the majority of its members but which wasn’t condescending. Specifically, the group wanted to avoid a cliched, Mexican pinata–style look. Reusing flowers at subsequent events helped to achieve the client’s environmental and budgetary goals.