Best More-With-Less Development I

Water Replaces Cleaning Chemicals
Best More-With-Less Development I

Three local companies are turning every water tap into a potential source of germ-killing cleansers: No packaging and shipping of cleaning chemicals required, no residues or hazardous waste, no health concerns for users.

Golden Valley–headquartered Tennant Company made the first splash a couple years back with commercial floor scrubbers using proprietary “ec-H2O” technology. Adding nothing more than oxygen and a small electrical charge, the technology converts tap water into acidic and alkaline solutions that Tennant says are proven to clean as well as chemical cleansers then revert moments later to H2O.

Last winter, Activeion Cleaning Solutions in Rogers launched a big rollout of its Ionator spray bottles, which use technology licensed and adapted from Tennant. With $2 million in venture funding, Activeion is going after the market for handheld cleansers used in homes, offices, hospitals, and the hospitality industry.

Meanwhile, Zap Water Technology, a Richfield start-up that taps science developed in Russia, is selling a compact system that passes an electrical charge through a mild saline solution. It produces a detergent and a sanitizer that University of Minnesota research shows can kill even avian flu and anthrax before turning back into simple saltwater. So far, Zap’s markets include commercial and institutional kitchens, food processing, and sports and fitness equipment and facilities.