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Can Keith Halleland Escape the Billable Hour?

He’s left his namesake law firm, saying it was consumed by the short-term, eat-what-you-kill thinking of litigators. He’s started a new firm, where he says billable hours won’t be the driver, and a holistic approach

Carlson in Inn-dia

The country is already host to two-thirds of Carlson’s Asian hotels. Now Carlson is tripling its footprint there.

Deep Sound

Better hearing without a hearing aid? That’s what Envoy Medical’s implantable device promises. But it’s expensive, its battery needs replacing, and it’s not covered by insurance (though that may be changing). Still, the company’s investors—including


Tilting at BP

Delusion, addiction, and a boycott only Cervantes could love.

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Cleared for Takeoff

Its legal troubles behind it and new management (and ownership) in place, supplement maker Airborne’s future is no longer up in the air.

Speed of Sales

Quantum Retail Technology offers new insights into product behavior and profitability for large retailers.

Roll With It

Will Minneapolis get with the mobile restaurant trend?