Zeus Jones

Zeus Jones

Provides marketing services. 

28 employees; founded in 2007


Rob White, CEO: 

How’s Business? We have doubled the size of our staff in the last 18 months or so to meet business demands.

Biggest Challenge: Our company has experienced rapid growth in the past two years, and our challenges are related to that: finding exactly the right people to make us better and not just bigger, keeping the culture strong, and expanding our office space, all while not missing a beat with our work for clients.

A Recent Win: Saying no to some very tempting new business opportunities—our first priority is to our current clients and projects. While our business operates on a project basis, our client relationships are mostly ongoing, with an expanding scope of work. That is keeping us busy. 

Proudest Moment: In March, we passed our five-year anniversary. I am frankly amazed—and incredibly proud—of where we’ve got to in just five years. When we started the company [with Adrian Ho, Eric Frost, Christian Erickson and myself, with partner Brad Surcey joining soon after launch], we could never have imagined the quality of our clients, the nature of our work, the culture we’ve built, and the awesomeness of our people.