Talent Management: The Hidden Resource for Hiring the Best Talent

Talent Management: The Hidden Resource for Hiring the Best Talent

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Look around your company. Things are much better now than they were in 2009. Most companies are starting to grow again, and with that, reinvest in people. But they need to invest in the RIGHT people.
What’s the solution? Talent Management.
Talent Management attracts, develops, motivates, and retains employees.
Not all companies use this resource to their benefit. Here are a few common issues we’ve seen in the market. Companies:

  • Don't have an official succession plan strategy
  • Don't have continual improvement training
  • Don't have a defined, repeatable process to identify their best/worst employees
  • Don'd have a plan to help their best employees grow and remain engaged

Although there is no one silver bullet for every problem, there is an answer. Do something.

We have seen a number of innovative solutions, including:

  • Using assessments to identify competencies that are strentghs and opportunities for new hires 
  • Keeping those assessments to help guide and coach employees throughout their careers
  • Using a simple 9-box to rank employees based on company values and competency – to maintain a clear succession plan

Have a sound, consistent talent management strategy is the key to attracting, developing and retaining the best employees! Want to learn more? We can help.