Style Profiles

Four Twin Cities professionals talk about their summer looks.
Style Profiles

Kit Friedemann
President and cofounder of FriedemannFoarde, 
a health care law firm in  Minneapolis

Personal style: “Professional, comfortable, smart, stylish, and not stuffy. Someone once told me I’m fashion forward, but I think I just pay attention.”

Dressing for summer: “For work, I will usually wear a summer-weight suit or sport coat, often without a tie, depending on my schedule that day. A sport coat with some style will dress up most anything. I make sure that my business clothes are comfortable, so an outfit like that carries over easily to most evening events. Charity events in my practice are often black tie, so I dress accordingly.”

Dos and don’ts: “Even nice clothes don’t look good if they fit poorly . . . Look sharp and think a bit about what you’re wearing. In my line of work, I offer a premium service—even with my low price-point model—and I think I should look the part.”

Karen Italia

Vice president of print and creative services at Regis Corporation, a Minneapolis-based beauty company

Personal style: “I like classic pieces I can accent with a trendy necklace and a chunky, cool bracelet. Trendy jewelry can really jazz up a simple outfit and make you stand out.”

Dressing for summer: “Depending on the occasion, a nice pair of capris or a cute skirt can be dressed up with an embellished or sparkly top. Accessorizing with scarves and fun sandles can also switch an outfit from casual to a little more dressy.” 

Dos and don’ts: “Don’t wear too-high shoes, short skirts, or tight clothes. Also make sure you leave your pet hair at home. There is nothing worse than seeing dog or cat hair all over dark clothing.” 
Keyvan Talebi
Co-owner of Crave and Sopranos Italian Kitchen restaurants

Personal style: “Fitted and classic with a little twist. I like to be approachable, not stuffy.”

Dressing for summer: “This summer, my everyday clothing should allow me to transition from one event to the other. Cotton pants in several colors will work for both indoor and outdoor casual events, along with a blazer and my current favorite thing, oxford shoes and loafers. I am making it about the shoes.”

Dos and don’ts: “My ‘do’ for business is a little more on the dressy end of the spectrum, but not too stuffy. This is to convey respect for my business, for the people that patronize my business, and for the employees that I work with. My ‘don’t’ would have to be clothes that do not fit properly or are too flashy.”

Sima Griffith

Managing Principal at Aethlon Capital, a Minneapolis-based investment bank

Personal style: “I dress conservatively and invest in quality, timeless pieces. I like adding some flair by wearing jackets in vibrant colors and classic jewelry.”

Dressing for summer: “After wearing so many pantsuits during the long, cold Minnesota winters, I enjoy wearing colorful lightweight dresses and skirts to outdoor summer parties and charity events. A sheath dress with a jacket works for both the office and evening events. Casual slacks work well for Twins baseball games, and I always bring a coat early in the season.”

Dos and don’ts: “I think suits work best for important business meetings. I like to wear understated yet elegant clothes that don’t distract.”