Spring Style Dos And Don'ts

We asked several style-aware Twin Cities–area businesspeople: “What is your number-one ‘do’ or ‘don’t’ when it comes to spring office attire?”
Spring Style Dos And Don'ts

Tom Teynor 

Senior director, settlement services, at Wolters Kluwer Financial Services, Minneapolis

DO: “Bright colors, especially orange, is a ‘do.’”

ON HIS SHOPPING LIST: “I have never met a tailored shirt that I didn’t like. I will likely add some spring-color French-cuff tailored shirts.”


Donna Roback 

Attorney, Edina

“I like well-tailored clothes and I like adding my sense of style to it. I tend to do more grays, beiges, and blacks, but accent them with different things.”

DON’T: “Dress so that what you are wearing distracts from what you are saying or doing . . . . In court, you want people to listen to you.”

DO: “Be true to your own style and not try to be something you aren’t. Spring is harder, but you can wear dresses and have cardigans and a necklace or pearls and still look businesslike.”

ON HER SHOPPING LIST: “A well-tailored lightweight pantsuit. [Also,] a well-tailored dress with jacket or skirt that isn’t too short.”

Denise Blumberg-Tendle

Mission manager, Minnesota affiliate of Susan G. Komen for the Cure, Bloomington

DO: “Build a foundation of really classic basics, but then sprinkle in a few unique pieces as well. A basic top combined with some unique jewelry, a belt, or scarf works for me.”

ON HER SHOPPING LIST: I love novelty jackets because you can layer them over T-shirts or a cute blouse. You can wear them with jeans for a more casual look . . . or with slacks or a skirt for more of a business look.”


Alex Blyakhman 

President, WhereToLive.com, Eden Prairie

DON’T: “Not transitioning from winter style, or jumping too soon into summer style.”

ON HIS SHOPPING LIST:: “I like accessories—great belts, nice watches. For me, it’ll be getting a new watch [with] a brighter face.”


Kathy Ordahl 

Market representative, Cambria, Eden Prairie

Ordahl attends many fundraisers and benefits, so she is well qualified to comment on dressing for day-to-evening. “The new look for the LBD [little black dress] is the below-the-knee hemline—which goes effortlessly from day into evening, accessorized with fabulous jewelry, shoes, and handbag.”

DON’T: Low necklines, camisole tops (worn alone), loud colors, leggings, five-inch heels, short skirts, T-shirts with slogans, ripped jeans.

DO: “White is very strong for spring. A white dress with a cropped jacket is perfect for the office. Trench coats are also very stylish and perfect to wear to a lunch meeting.”

ON HER SHOPPING LIST: “I will be searching for a pair of high-waisted, fluid trousers to pair with a knit striped tee to replace last season’s narrow silhouette.”