Skjold Parrington Business Attorneys

Skjold Parrington Business Attorneys

Provides legal services to businesses, business owners, and consumers.14 employees in two locations; founded in 2006

Benjamin Skjold, president: 

How’s Business? From 2010 to 2011, billings increased by more than 5 percent, but we increased profitability more than 50 percent. 

Biggest Challenge: The economy—businesses are trying to save money and lower expenses across the board, legal services certainly included. It has deeply affected M&A and deal-making of all kinds. The economy has also prompted many businesses and owners to defer “preventative” legal services.

A Recent Win: Over the last several years, we’ve been investing in technology and processes. The intelligent use of technologies, processes, and staffing efficiencies have allowed us to lower our overhead, keep our costs down while providing more value to clients.

What’s Coming Up? My partner Christopher Parrington and I are also excited to be cohosts of the MN Real Estate Coaches on KFAN Saturdays at noon with Brenton Hayden of Renters Warehouse. We’ll be talking about a variety of real estate–related topics that impact business, business owners, homeowners, and real estate investors. It’s fun, we get to help people, and best of all, we get to do what lawyers love best: talk.  

Proudest Moment: I experienced first-hand the inefficiencies and territorial nature of the conventional law firm model that can draw attention from profitability. Lawyer-driven management tends to be disruptive to employees and fails to embrace standard business processes that can impact revenue and margins. The numbers must drive decision making. My proudest moment so far in my career has been creating and building a business based on sound financial and management practices.