Quirky Cuts

Finished Basement Company
Quirky Cuts

Award: 2010 Remodeler of Merit Award
Category: Lower Level—Under 1,000 Square Feet
Honoree: Finished Basement Company, Maple Grove

As eclectic jewelry makers, the owners of this 1950s rambler wanted their remodeled basement to have areas for creating jewelry and for entertainment, an office suite, and a children’s play area. The challenge was to include all of that in a cramped 600-square-foot space and yet create a modern and comfortable feel.

The three square windows in the wall separating the jewelry workshop and the TV area help to retain a sense of openness while still dividing the functional spaces. The openings, which double as slots to set decorative items and jewelry, mimic the wall under the stairs and other design elements. 

Jennifer Jorgensen, architect and interior designer with Finished Basement Company, describes them as fun, quirky, see-through niches, which give off the same vibe as the successful young owners.