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HTC Droid Incredible, Zomm
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HTC Droid Incredible
A year ago in this space, our comparison shopping focused on the latest iPhone and BlackBerry products. This year is the year of Android—or more specifically, the Droid. The superfast, superslick phone has a lot in common with the recently discontinued Google Nexus One, which HTC also made. The device easily integrates with Exchange ActiveSync—a must for most enterprises, since it lets employees securely and remotely sync their e-mail, calendars, and contacts. The Droid Incredible simultaneously runs multiple applications, which can be downloaded from the open and fast-growing Android Market. And if you actually want to make calls on it, Engadget says it may be the best sounding phone it’s ever reviewed, with a solid speaker that should work well for conference calls.
If you’re the kind of person prone to forgetting your cell phone on the dresser in the morning—or even worse, leaving it in coffee shops or taxicabs—this product is for you. Zomm is a wireless leash for your mobile phone. The coin-shaped keychain connects to your phone via Bluetooth. It’ll flash and vibrate whenever you and your phone get separated by 30 feet or more. The gadget also has a Bluetooth speakerphone that allows you to answer calls even when your phone is tucked away in a purse or pocket. And it doubles as a personal safety device too, with a panic button that sounds an alarm and can also dial 911 via the speakerphone connection. It sells for about $80 at Best Buy.