Harmony Enterprises

Harmony Enterprises

Manufactures compactors and balers for cardboard handling and recycling.

70 employees in two locations; founded in 1962

Steve Cremer, president: 

How’s Business? Except for 2009, where revenues decreased, our growth has averaged 15 to 20 percent per year for the last five years.

Biggest Challenge: The economy. Businesses seem to continue to take longer to make decisions to purchase. They understand the benefits and quick ROI when they use our equipment, but it still takes a longer time to make the purchase.

A Recent Win: International sales have always been an important part of our business. In March 2011, we purchased a business in Toulouse, France. It allows us to do a better job of providing customer service to our European customers. Also, we can stock equipment and parts in France for faster delivery times. Our team in France includes four technicians that support our customers in European time, not U.S. time. This acquisition will help growth this very important market. 

What’s Coming Up? We have found that many businesses are still having trouble finding financing. So we have just started a rental company in order to rent our equipment to customers. This helps take down one hurdle for our customers.

Proudest Moment: Installing more than 200 of our SmartPack automatic compactors into the Atlanta airport last year. There is one unit at each gate in four of the terminals. The units wirelessly signal the maintenance department when they are full, saving a significant cost in labor for the airport.