Golden Delight

Plekkenpol Builders, Inc.
Golden Delight

Award: 2010 Remodeler of Merit Award
Category: Interiors and Kitchens—150 to 300 Square Feet
Honoree: Plekkenpol Builders, Inc., Bloomington

A gold island gives this downtown Minneapolis loft kitchen a luxurious feel; its curves are covered in a metallic laminate and topped with gold Cambria countertops. The island’s contours complement the floating ceiling soffit—added to conceal exposed vents and pipes—and define the overall shape of the kitchen.

The old kitchen needed a redesign to better suit the lifestyle of the new owners. The kitchen island was too far from the cooking area, and a peninsula countertop restricted traffic flow in and out of the kitchen.

The peninsula was removed, and the island was extended toward the cooking area. A lower counter on the inner side of the island provides a partially screened work space. The island cabinets, made of quarter-sawn oak, provide plenty of storage.