Energy Efficiency Ideas For Your Small Business

Energy Efficiency Ideas For Your Small Business

You've been thinking about energy efficiency for a long time but really don't know where to start. Many business owners are surprised to learn that the very company providing their power can offer the best advice on saving it. 
“It still seems counterintuitive to people but it’s true. Our energy efficiency specialists provide advice for free,” explains Karen Rhodes, Xcel Energy director of Demand Side Management. “Simply by reaching out, companies can get unbiased, energy management advice and help with rebates.”
Because every operation has its unique energy challenges and opportunities, Xcel Energy provides a variety of rebate choices, and can offer energy efficiency ideas and thought starters including:
Audits or studies are a good way to examine all of the major factors affecting you building’s energy consumption and energy losses. Efficiency specialists can determine the best approach for your operations and business size.
Rebates For Lighting Improvements
From interior, exterior and parking garage spaces, there are many types of lighting upgrades that can generate significant savings. Upgrading to energy-efficient lighting can also lead to reduced maintenance costs, improved safety of outdoor areas, and better working environments for employees.
Rebates For Heating and Cooling
When your cooling and heating systems are outdated, they can waste significant amounts of energy and money. Upgrading and maintaining your existing equipment is equally as important to keeping your systems running efficiently and minimizing downtime.
Rebate For Your Industry
Let’s say you have a project in mind based on your unique needs. An energy efficiency specialist can recommend existing rebates or a custom rebate that’s tailored to your equipment and operations.
For more information, simply email or call an energy efficiency specialist at 1-855-839-8862. Xcel Energy has offered energy efficiency programs and rebates for 30 years to help customers save energy and money. Because of those efforts and the subsequent energy save, we have avoided building 12 medium sized power plants in Minnesota.

Karen Rhodes | Director DSM & Renewable Operations

Things You Should Know
Top five things energy specialists want you to know

  • Our advice is free, offering outstanding value for businesses that want unbiased, energy management advice.
  • To save you time and money, we investigate the best program and service options for your operations.
  • As energy technology equipment and rules change, we keep you up to date.
  • We are invested in your energy plans and challenge’s – for the long run.
  • Contact an energy efficiency specialist before your begin project planning by calling 1-855-839-8862 or filling out a form at


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