Efficient Environments

Products to keep your office processes cost effective.
Efficient Environments

Print: Managed
Laser Technologies of Mendota Heights offers outsourced print management to contain costs, improve efficiency and productivity, and help the environment.
The key to managing a business’s printers and copiers is accurate and timely usage measurement. Laser Technologies’ OMI Metrics data collection agent is a secure remote-monitoring technology designed to collect printer metrics 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
OMI Metrics data is used initially to determine the usage pattern of individual printers, copiers, fax machines, and scanners within the company. The information—page counts, toner levels, device status, LCD reading, trending reports, maintenance kit levels, location, and utilization—is analyzed to find the best configuration of the print environment.
The system can optimize printer use, trigger preventive maintenance and automatic supply restocking, free up staff time, and reduce energy and paper use.
Networked Security
Alpha Video and Audio, Inc., in Edina offers the NiceVision Net NVR 9000 Series network video recording system for companies that want to link their security surveillance system into their IP networks. Video from cameras placed around a facility is transmitted to a video recording server and stored digitally. Each server can receive data from up to 96 cameras, says Bob Follestad, account representative for Alpha Video. He notes that the system has significant bandwidth requirements—5 mbps per camera is what he recommends.
IP-enabled systems reduce security expenses by eliminating the need for security specialists on the payroll—the system can be run and maintained by the IP staff. The manufacturer also offers analysis software that can be run on the digital video files. Video analytics include processes such as facial recognition and people counting, and can even alert users to unattended packages.