Cloud Storage

Backblaze, SugarSync for Business
Cloud Storage

With our computers now able to connect to the Internet pretty much wherever we take them, there’s less and less reason to lug around a portable storage drive—regardless of how slim they’ve become. Backblaze isn’t the biggest name in online backup, but it’s earned lots of buzz in the past year, including a nomination alongside Google’s Chrome and Microsoft’s Bing, for best technology achievement at this year’s Crunchie awards, sponsored by the blog TechCrunch. The company launched an unlimited storage service for business last winter for a flat annual rate of $50 per computer. CNET says it might be the world’s easiest online backup service. Install the free software, and it simply backs up everything except for apps, operating system, and temporary files. It also has a consumer option for $5 per month.
SugarSync for Business
SugarSync’s specialty is sharing files across multiple devices. Set up an account at and you can create folders that can be synced to just about any Web-connected device, from a workplace desktop computer to an iPhone or iPad. SugarSync won a five-star rating from CNET and an editor’s choice stamp from Laptop magazine. The company rolled out a SugarSync for Business service last winter that’s designed to enable sharing and collaboration among teams. An administrator controls which employees have access to which folders. The service starts at about $30 per month plus $10 per employee for 100GB of folder space, with upgrades available from there.