Best Foot Forward

Shoes can make or break the entire ensemble.
Best Foot Forward

What Your Shoes Say:
Salt Stained: “Your work is going to be sloppy.”
Too Sexy: “Look at me! I need attention!”
Too Casual: “I’m on the ‘B’ team.”


In a professional environment, wearing clean, polished shoes of a current style is as expected as having clean fingernails. You can be wearing a great outfit, but if your shoes are worn, dated, or otherwise inappropriate, it will kill the entire ensemble.


Marlys Badzin, owner, Pumpz & Company, Edina

“There’s a real ‘tell’ in what people wear on their feet. It isn’t so much that you have to be trendy. But I think that a really good pair of shoes that is classic or just current is so much more important for first impressions than almost anything.”


Gwen Leeds, Minneapolis stylist and wardrobe consultant

“The weather should have no bearing on what one wears in a professional environment. If the weather is inclement or the streets are sloppy, then appropriate footwear can be worn and then changed at the office, classroom, courtroom, et cetera.”