Best Expansion Announcement

Sierra Bravo/The Nerdery

Here’s CEO Luke Bucklin of Bloomington-based IT and Web development firm Sierra Bravo, whose largest division is named the Nerdery, in a memo this spring to company employees:


We plan to launch the Chicago office with as many current employees as possible. It’s imperative that we start it off right and foster the kind of culture that we have here in Bloomington. Do any of you developers want to move to Chicago to help launch this new office? If so, talk to Tom [O’Neill, the Nerdery’s vice president of software development]. To make the conversation more entertaining, start by following this protocol:


You: ‘So, I hear Chicago is nice this time of year.’

Tom: ‘Chicago is going to be much nicer in August because we’ll have a badass office there with badass devs and badass sales reps and a badass refrigerator and badass dogs!’

You: ‘Hells Yeah!’

Tom: ‘Hells Yeah!’


Bucklin’s recap of 2009: “Sales are good. Our team is awesome. More space and bathrooms are on the way. Chicago is hells yeah.”


Optimistic? Hells yeah!