Best Event Photography: Amy Coppersmith | Coppersmith Photography

Tour de Cure
Best Event Photography: Amy Coppersmith | Coppersmith Photography

A photography company documented a local charity bike tour that raises money for diabetes research. The tour included four routes around the Twin Cities, and the photographers captured the routes, the vendors, and the volunteers involved in the event. 

The event-manager client wanted images for all the stakeholders: 

• For riders, images of the routes, rest stops, first aid stations, and other services showed what they would encounter on the tour.

• To sell future vendors and sponsors on the event and recognize the current vendors, the photographer captured participants using the vendors’ products and services.

• Photos also showed how volunteers were involved, and the images will be used to help recruit volunteers for future events.

The photographers had to follow the riders over a large area to capture the right shots, and do it all during constant rain. They scouted locations before the tour where they could catch bikers in action within sight of local landmarks and at good times for shooting. Photographers used plastic covers for cameras and umbrellas to keep their gear dry, and they carried cleaning cloths to keep rain off camera lenses.