“Technology I Really Use”

Recommendations from local businesspeople.
“Technology I Really Use”

Ron Gabrielson
Special Agent 97, Geek Squad
(computer repair service owned by Best Buy)
Recommends: Prezi (prezi.com)
“Death by PowerPoint is a way of life in the corporate world. Tiny lettering, boring backgrounds, too much content on one page. It’s no wonder why most people’s eyes start to glaze over by the fifth slide.
Prezi turns the presentation world upside down. Instead of many pages, you have one large page—and you move from topic to topic, zooming in automatically. Graphics, video, and style all rule on Prezi, and most presentations done with it tend to be remembered.”
Peter Fleck
President, PF Hyper
(local Web design firm)
Recommends: Apple’s iPad
“I was skeptical of the initial reports from Apple about the iPad, but once I had one in my hands, I was a convert. It’s one of the most elegantly designed devices I’ve ever owned and a pleasure to use. I can grab it and the cheap little stand I got and move it easily around the house, keeping track of e-mail, listening to various podcasts, checking baseball scores, weather, and Twitter. Its size makes it great for meetings and conferences, with plenty of space for typing on the virtual keyboard.”
Albert Maruggi
Founder and president, Provident Partners
(St. Paul public relations and social media firm)
Recommends: PhoneTell (phonetell.com/business)
“It’s like a combination phone assistant and geoservices application. You can talk into this app and it will find what you ask it to find. If I said ‘pizza,’ it will find stores that are open and in my vicinity. It’s not just a Googled list.”
Lisa Foote
Founder and CEO, MixMobi (Minneapolis mobile-app developer)
Recommends: BusinessCard2 (businesscard2.com)
“BusinessCard2 gives me the ability to have a virtual business card that I can attach and include in a number of different digital venues. It’s portable, it’s flexible. I just think it’s a really useful, powerful tool for businesspeople.”
George Reese
Cofounder, EnStratus
(Minneapolis firm that provides cloud computing management services)
Recommends: Tungle.me web app
“It’s an online calendaring system that essentially solves the problem of scheduling people across multiple organizations with limited availability. It will figure out magically when everybody is available and schedule a meeting for you.”