Twin Cities Business’ 20th Anniversary

Twin Cities Business’ 20th Anniversary


Soul Asylum was playing at the White House, the Minnesota North Stars had just left for Dallas, Mall of America was celebrating its first birthday, and the nation was recovering from a recession when Twin Cities Business Monthly started. Its mission: to deliver a “pro-business,” larger-than-life glossy magazine that would celebrate everything good in our economy, our businesses, and most of all, our people.

Nearly 14 billion printed pages later, we’re still at it, happier than ever, and celebrating our 20th anniversary with you this month. Whether you’re a seasoned chairman or rising-star employee, you’ll find insights by clicking on each of the stories below. We ask some of our most accomplished leaders what they’ve learned since 1993, and what they see for the future. We examine how our state’s most important and popular companies and industries have changed. There are stats on how we’re doing as a business community 20 years later, and much more—including our editors’ picks for the top three business leaders, three most significant industries, and five most significant companies of the last two decades. We hope you enjoy—and while you’re reading, we’ll get started on the next 20 years.

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