The Hustle

Inspiration, tips and perspective for entrepreneurs on the rise.

Why I Stopped Taking a Salary From My Company

What happens when the VC money runs out? The founder of MEND Jewelry grapples with her own definition of success.

The Best Advice I’ve Received as an Entrepreneur

If you don't ask, you don't get. Successful people want to give back.

Why the Will to Sacrifice is a Good Measure of a Strong Brand

The co-founder of eco-friendly haircare brand HiBAR explains the startup's decision to go offline for the Global Climate Strike.

What if You Pick the Wrong Name for Your Startup?

Hands & Feet is now Spoonful Apparel. The founder explains the decision to pivot 18 months after launch.

3 Lessons You Can Only Learn by Stepping Outside Your Comfort Zone

When you’re willing to be a beginner, you open yourself up to many more experiences.

The Key to Being a Solopreneur? Create a Winning Team of Advisors

Don't be afraid of what you don't know—reach out to mentors and friends for help. A board of advisors can be key to the success of your new venture.

PR Traps Entrepreneurs Fall Into

Your new venture can't afford to overlook public relations. A PR exec makes the case.

The (B)rules of Business

An entrepreneur gets inspired to question the "rules" and prioritize what's really important to her and her company.

Why I Bought a Building

Bucking the co-working trend, wealth advisor Nicole Mittendorf invests in her business by laying down roots in Minnetonka.

Brand Madness, March and Beyond

Examining the spirit of March Madness, and how to capture that enthusiasm and loyalty for your own brand.

Three Assumptions Entrepreneurs Need to Question

Don't limit your potential and avoid putting all of your eggs into marketing, suggests model-turned-entrepreneur Ashley Hawks.

How I Wish I Built This

Entrepreneurial drugs and the side effects.

Writing a Book in 2019? Do This One Thing, and You'll Finish It

The founders of Wise Ink Creative Publishing offer practical advice to turn your notes into a finished product.

How to Start a Business While Running Your Other Business

Bria Hammel juggles an interior design firm and a furniture line.

5 Tough Questions to Answer Before You Strike Out on Your Own

Make sure you can answer these five questions confidently before starting a business of your own.

Criminal Defense Attorney Turned Entrepreneur Advises: Don’t Fear Rejection

From court room to women’s intimates department. The founder of Bra Bridge explains the mindset that gave her the courage to take a major leap.

Designing Conversations

If you dread networking, take this advice on how to make conversations more memorable and meaningful. It can work for your brand, too.

Friends and Family Are Not Your Target Customer

Don’t mistake constructive criticism from loved ones for brand feedback. Your start-up needs a persona. Here’s how to develop one on a shoestring budget.

10 Essential Lessons Learned by a First Time Entrepreneur

A founder reflects on the most pivotal year of her personal and professional life. 

Advice from a ‘Corporate Junkie’ Who Ditched Her High Heels to Follow a Passion

Three tips from a yoga studio owner who left the security of a salary and full-time benefits for the unknown, all in search of elusive enlightenment.

Five Things I Learned from MN Cup

Entrepreneur Jess Schaack takes us behind the scenes at the largest statewide startup competition in the country.

Identity Crisis: Managing Expectations, Sense of Self When Shifting to Startup Life

From corporate communications to a bootstrapped fashion brand, the co-founder of Alice Riot discusses working beyond her comfort zone.

Confessions of a Twin Cities Startup Week Addict

Why Startup Week matters for Minnesota, and how to get involved.

Sparking Interest in STEM Among Girls

Filmmaker Maribeth Romslo strives to engage young women through storytelling to show them the possibilities in male-dominated fields, from science to movie making.

Handling It All: One Entrepreneurial Photographer, Five Businesses

Eight tips for managing multiple brands without losing your mind.

Going Brick and Mortar: It's Not All Sweet

A Twin Cities entrepreneur shares advice on building a storefront, peppered with lessons she learned the hard way.

How to Write a Modern Marketing Plan

Six fundamentals that will make the process more efficient for your business.

When Building a Business, Don’t Measure Your Success on Instagram

The founder of Thumbs Cookies on growing at your own speed.

Don’t Quit Your Day Job on a Dream

The founder of Fly Feet Running invested in extensive research before leaving a corporate job to start her own business.

12 Business Lessons From the Minnesota State Fair

First-time vendors share their insights from the Great Minnesota Get-Together.

Why Revenue-Based Financing Can Be a Win for Start-Ups

The founder of Ciel Loft & Home explains how his investor model favors the independent retailer.

The 24-Hour Exercise for Every Entrepreneur

There’s a long-term payoff if you assess your time before starting a new venture.

How This Work-At-Home Mom Makes It Work

Because being home and working from home are two very different things.

How to Start a Business with Zero Background in Business

The founder of women’s co-working/wellness space ModernWell on trusting your gut.

How I Locked in Venture Capital at Age 24

Securing a business partner early on allowed the founder of MEND Jewelry to quit her day job.