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Diamonds in the Rough

By Kristine Merta, JD, LLM Financial Advisor at Valeo Financial Advisors

Diamonds in the Rough
In tight labor markets, recruiting and retaining employees become even more critically important. Many professional services firms are realizing that they have an untapped resource in their midst: Millennials.
Adaptable, in-the-know, and eager to step up, this generation is quickly becoming firms’ secret ingredient. They allow those specializing in law, accounting, financial planning, and more to provide the excellent service their clients adore. Here are five reasons why Millennials make all the difference:
1) A robust team
Firms and clients both benefit when Millennials partner with a senior advisor. They serve as an additional resource for all, offering information, opinions, and a second set of eyes. Clients enjoy having another person who handles routine tasks—a resource who is attentive and highly responsive in today’s 24/7 culture.  
2) Continuity of care
Incorporating Millennials on a team results in seamless transitions as key contributors retire. It’s comforting for clients to know that they don’t have to start from scratch with all new advisors. When Millennials get involved early, institutional knowledge is passed seamlessly from senior to junior employee.
3) Short on shortcuts
Millennials often have more time to devote to clients as they develop their own book of business. They can tackle clients’ concerns with their full attention. They also keep senior advisors on their toes and ensure that everyone is fully and properly fulfilling clients’ wishes.
4) Technology help desk
Millennials often come to the aid of the technically challenged. These digital gurus excel at quick fixes, providing big-picture views of technology, and ensuring that everyone’s devices are in working order. They also are deeply connected to social media and know how to make the most of it for employers.
5) Referral Relief
Clients love to tell others when they are happy with their advisors. But there is always that sneaking doubt that their own service might go south as advisors focus on these new clients. Not to worry! Millennials often handle such referrals, keeping a firm’s exceptional service from getting diluted.
With knowledgeable, enthusiastic Millennials at the table, clients of professional services firms are assured that they will continue receiving advice that is second-to-none.
Kristine Merta, JD, LLM, is a financial advisor at Valeo Financial Advisors. Founded in 2003, Valeo aims to change the financial advising industry. It does this by providing comprehensive services for all of its clients at all times. Valeo’s services are delivered by financial experts who work with a limited number of clients. This ensures the highest possible level of service for one reasonable, transparent fee that is outlined on the Valeo website. Reach Kristine at kmerta@valeofinancial.com.