Choosing the Right SEO Firm
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Choosing the Right SEO Firm

You rely on your website to create leads and drive sales, but what if no one can find your website in the first place? Ensuring that your site appears at the top of search engine results is a must if you want to increase your organic website traffic and ultimately generate profitable leads. With that said, it’s no small task. This is where SEO firms enter the picture.
Not all SEO agencies are created equal. Partnering with the wrong agency can not only land you in hot water with Google, it can also lead to missed opportunities with potential customers and business. Here is what to look for when searching for a great SEO agency:

1. Proven Track Record
Any SEO firm worth its weight will be able to provide a portfolio and case studies of clients they have worked with. Look for metrics on leads generated, website position rankings, and organic traffic because this will determine your ROI.
Additionally, no reputable agency will shy away from providing recommendations, so do yourself a favor and ask! Gathering firsthand insights from previous or current clients will tell you exactly what working with the firm is like. You owe it to your business to find this out, before you sign on to work with them.

2. Comprehensive SEO Strategies (It’s Not All About Rankings!)
Firms that provide holistic strategies that focus on your audience in every stage of the buying cycle, in addition to providing technical and UX recommendations, will enhance your website experience for both search engines and users alike.
Ensure the SEO firm you engage with understands the 4 key elements of an SEO campaign.
  1. Technical — Your website structure is easy to index by Google
  2. On-Site — The content on your website aligns with your target audience’s search query
  3. Off-Site Content Promotion — Establishing your site as a credible resource for your target audience
  4. Conversion Rate Optimization — The combination of good UX and quality content to entice the user to perform the requested action (or convert) on the page
3. On the Forefront of SEO Advancement
Because SEO strategies (and the internet itself) are constantly evolving, you need a team that is committed to testing and implementing new innovations. Look for a blog or industry news page on their website to ensure they are conscious of new trends and ideas that can take your SEO to another level.

4. Communication
Proactive communication is a key requirement for a strong SEO firm. A good agency will do their homework on your performance and then reach out to discuss issues or ideas for improvement.
SEO can be tricky and time consuming, but it is necessary to build a strong online presence. By partnering with the right agency, as opposed to just any agency, you can ultimately create a better user experience and earn increased search visibility which will lead to more business.
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