Special Session Adjourns After Minnesota Legislature Passes $48.3 Billion Budget

There will be no general tax increase, and no gas tax hike. But there will be a cut in the income tax rate for middle-income earners while a tax on medical providers will continue.

Mixing Politics and Business: A Breakdown of the Minnesota House by Profession

Breaking down the Minnesota House by profession.

As Lawmakers Take a Holiday Break, Here’s Where Things Stand at the Minnesota Legislature

There are stark differences in philosophy and strategy between the DFL-led House and GOP-run Senate, divisions best illustrated by each side’s omnibus spending and policy bills.

How Big Pharma Became the Biggest Villain of the 2019 Minnesota Legislature

Pharma has become such an inviting target that in a Legislature that can't agree on anything, multiple bills taking on the industry are still alive in both the DFL-controlled House and a GOP-controlled Senate.

Some of MN’s Lowest-Paid Workers, the St. Paul Saints Players, May Become Exempt from Minimum Wage Laws

The St. Paul Saints, the minor league baseball team that plays home games at the heavily public subsidized CHS Field in Lowertown, is 1.2 miles away from the state Capitol.

Walz, Senate Republicans at Odds Over Solution to Affordable Housing Crisis

One proposal, which has bipartisan support, would allow those who donate to affordable housing projects to take a dollar-for-dollar credit off of their state income tax bill.

The Legislature Really Wants to Help and/or Hurt Minnesota Cities Setting Municipal ID Programs

Municipal IDs are aimed at providing identification to people who are unwilling or unable to get state driver’s licenses or IDs, often because they are undocumented immigrants.

‘We’ll Fight for This One’: Gazelka Says Bill Creating Tax Credits for Private School Scholarships is a GOP Priority

The Equity and Opportunity Scholarship Act would allow donations to scholarship foundations to be credited against state income taxes. The foundations would use the money to give private school scholarships to low- and middle-income students.

New Bill Wants to Stop Cities from Setting Their Own Wage, Benefit Rules

Preemption was a more potent issue over the last four years, when Republicans controlled both the House and Senate.

Why Legalizing Sports Betting (Still) Faces Such Long Odds at the Legislature This Year

A Senate bill to partially legalize sports books in Minnesota narrowly passed out of its first committee Thursday, but the Senate majority leader isn’t keen on the idea, and the state’s 11 Native American tribes are opposed.

Lawmakers Change Factors for Determining Minnesota Tax Liability

Bank and business relationships are no longer used when determining one's domicile for tax purposes.

Trump's Legal Shadow

President Trump’s campaign focused on disrupting the status quo. Now attorneys say it’s unclear how far Trump will go to overhaul immigration, labor and environmental laws that affect Minnesota businesses.

Will Minneapolis' Bag Ban Work?

The plastic bag ban is now law, despite business objections.

Twin Cities Transit Funding Board to Attempt a Break-Up...Again

The regional board, born of a time when there was a greater sense of regionalism between the cities and the suburbs, could be dead by October 1.

What Got Done—and What Didn't—in the 2017 Legislative Session

Taxes, booze and plastic bags: Messy as it was, lawmakers finished their work by early Friday, likely avoiding a state government shutdown.

Dayton and GOP Leaders Agree to a Special Session—What Happens Now?

Under the terms of the deal between Gov. Mark Dayton and Republican leaders, legislators now have until 7 a.m. Wednesday to finalize the state budget.

MN Becomes Last State to Comply with Real ID Law

Now that Gov. Dayton has signed the bill into law, It’s probably safe to start booking flights for 2018.

Federal Budget Compromise Funds Southwest LRT

The budget directs the Federal Transit Administration to lock in its commitment to providing the more than $900 million federal contribution to the light rail line.

Why the U.S. is on the Verge of a Trade War with Canada Over Milk

Will Canada get its whey?

Minnesota Better Prepared Than Most for Public Health Emergency

Report says state excels at environmental health, lags on community planning.

How Much Should it Cost to Run Minnesota's Government?

Republicans' budget proposals represent a desire to halt what they call a “stunning” increase in the growth of state agencies over the last decade.

Should St. Paul Induce—Or Shame—Nonprofits Into Paying For City Services?

The City Council has enlisted the Citizens League to study whether it should create a system to get nonprofits to voluntarily pay what the state constitution exempts them from paying.

MN Agency Gives $6.7M For Quality of Care, Employee Retention Projects

Grant money will also be used to prevent certain infections, subsequently cutting the number of emergency room visits made to Minnesota hospitals.

Mayoral Forum Reveals Consensus on Doing More for North Minneapolis

That was the takeaway from Saturday's forum at Shiloh Temple for the nine candidates for Minneapolis mayor.

Minnesota Lawmakers Prepare For A Budget Showdown

Gov. Mark Dayton and Republican leaders have found agreement on a handful of major issues so far. But things are about to get a lot tougher.

Mayo, U Of M Decry Proposed Research Budget Cuts

The two Minn. institutions combined for more than $500M in NIH funding last year.

It's Not Easy Being Minnesota Green

The little cannabis industry on the prairie is pioneering a new model for medical marijuana. But its future is up in the air, given its high costs and restricted access.

The State Of Overqualified Workers

A college education is a popular credential in Minnesota, but it isn’t needed to perform most jobs.

Chisholm Moves To Cut Ties With Ironbound Studios

The mayor of the Iron Range city said the two parties should “go their own ways” as it moves to evict the movie studio from its basement due to unmet payments.

Minneapolis Ordinance Barring Section 8 Discrimination Moves Forward

The final vote won’t come until Friday. But the ordinance received enough votes during a joint committee meeting Wednesday to assure passage.

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