Special Session Adjourns After Minnesota Legislature Passes $48.3 Billion Budget

There will be no general tax increase, and no gas tax hike. But there will be a cut in the income tax rate for middle-income earners while a tax on medical providers will continue.

Mixing Politics and Business: A Breakdown of the Minnesota House by Profession

Breaking down the Minnesota House by profession.

As Lawmakers Take a Holiday Break, Here’s Where Things Stand at the Minnesota Legislature

There are stark differences in philosophy and strategy between the DFL-led House and GOP-run Senate, divisions best illustrated by each side’s omnibus spending and policy bills.

How Big Pharma Became the Biggest Villain of the 2019 Minnesota Legislature

Pharma has become such an inviting target that in a Legislature that can't agree on anything, multiple bills taking on the industry are still alive in both the DFL-controlled House and a GOP-controlled Senate.

Some of MN’s Lowest-Paid Workers, the St. Paul Saints Players, May Become Exempt from Minimum Wage Laws

The St. Paul Saints, the minor league baseball team that plays home games at the heavily public subsidized CHS Field in Lowertown, is 1.2 miles away from the state Capitol.

Walz, Senate Republicans at Odds Over Solution to Affordable Housing Crisis

One proposal, which has bipartisan support, would allow those who donate to affordable housing projects to take a dollar-for-dollar credit off of their state income tax bill.

The Legislature Really Wants to Help and/or Hurt Minnesota Cities Setting Municipal ID Programs

Municipal IDs are aimed at providing identification to people who are unwilling or unable to get state driver’s licenses or IDs, often because they are undocumented immigrants.

‘We’ll Fight for This One’: Gazelka Says Bill Creating Tax Credits for Private School Scholarships is a GOP Priority

The Equity and Opportunity Scholarship Act would allow donations to scholarship foundations to be credited against state income taxes. The foundations would use the money to give private school scholarships to low- and middle-income students.

New Bill Wants to Stop Cities from Setting Their Own Wage, Benefit Rules

Preemption was a more potent issue over the last four years, when Republicans controlled both the House and Senate.

Why Legalizing Sports Betting (Still) Faces Such Long Odds at the Legislature This Year

A Senate bill to partially legalize sports books in Minnesota narrowly passed out of its first committee Thursday, but the Senate majority leader isn’t keen on the idea, and the state’s 11 Native American tribes are opposed.

Monitoring Tech Developed for Super Bowl LII is Emboldening Minneapolis Police Surveillance

The application, FieldWatch, gives every officer in the field with an iPhone the ability to stream video from his or her location back to a central command center.

Why are Minnesota Lawmakers Now Talking About a Government Shutdown?

The motivation behind two bills debated this week at the Legislature is the same: to have some funding for programs if the state government ever shuts down again.

$15 Minimum Wage for St. Paul is ‘Already Decided,’ Says Mayor Melvin Carter

Mayor Melvin Carter’s remarks came at a meeting that functioned as something of a preview of his “State of Our City Summit” on Saturday.

Dayton Slams Potential Successor Tim Pawlenty in Interview

Dayton dished out strong criticism to the two-term governor and returning candidate for the 2018 governor’s race.

What Minnesota Lawmakers are Doing This Session to Tackle the State’s Opioid Crisis

Among other things, some lawmakers want to set up a system that would funnel money into preventive measures — by imposing a fee on the pharmaceutical companies that sell opioids.

One Rochester Medtech Startup OK’d for Public Funding as Another is Written Off

Thaddeus Medical is in line for $50K, while Hunhu Medical declared a loss in its report to the city.

Charlie Weaver Leverages Political Savvy to Advance Business Agenda

The Minnesota Business Partnership’s executive director is tackling a workforce shortage, achievement gap and business competition threats.

MN Lawmakers Considering Call to Double Number of Rural Mental Health Counselors from One to Two

Ted Matthews might have the toughest job in the state of Minnesota.

Inside the David Vs. Goliath-Esque Lawsuit Over the Commons Ownership in Minneapolis

During Wednesday's hearing, Hennepin County District Court Judge Bruce A. Peterson was, at different times, confused, amused and impressed by the arguments against the Commons deal.

Four Takeaways from Mark Dayton's Last State of the State Address

The speech was shorter and more personal than his previous addresses, and he used it to both look back at his time as governor and describe where he sees Minnesota going after he’s gone.

Gun Sales Didn't Spike in Minnesota Following Florida School Shooting

That breaks with a decades-long trend that saw gun purchases increase after mass shootings.

How Trump's Metal Tariffs Stand to Impact U.S. (And Specifically Minnesota) Industries

A lot depends on how other nations react to the new taxes.

Despite an Estimated $329M Surplus, MN Lawmakers Face Tough Decisions This Session

A once-projected shortfall transformed into a $329 million surplus in Wednesday's updated forecast. The problem? Everyone expected that number to be much bigger.

Minnesota Lawmakers Discussing How to Tackle Sexual Harassment at the Capitol

State lawmakers try to find a meaningful way to deal with an issue that has been unaddressed for decades - in a place where relationships are often marked by vast power imbalances.

New Report on St. Paul Minimum-Wage Hike Draws Echoes of Minneapolis Debate

St. Paul has the region's highest percentage of people living in poverty, at 40.8 percent.

Party Leaders All Smiles During Preview of 2018 Minnesota Legislature

Taxes, bonding, and the fallout from a sexual harassment scandal are all expected to be addressed during the upcoming session.

Why Askov Finlayson Decided to Pledge $1M to Fight Climate Change

We spoke with the man tasked with implementing the project, Adam Fetcher, about how and why the North Loop-based clothing company decided to take on one of today’s most urgent problems.

Jacob Frey on Why Minneapolis Needs More Cops and Housing, Fewer Hashtags

Minneapolis’ new mayor on his early agenda and healing the city’s relationship with business.

St. Paul City Council Passes $563M Budget

The budget is the second since the state Supreme Court tossed out a key source of revenue for the city — and the first to deal with the full brunt of that ruling.

MN’s Projected Budget Deficit is Already Souring Expectations for the 2018 Legislative Session

The forecast was released at an already complicated time. The relationship between Gov. Mark Dayton and GOP leaders remains rocky, and lawmakers are facing a short session at the start of a major election year.

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