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The Twin Cities’ Biggest Issues to Watch in 2020

A look ahead at some of the most pressing issues in local politics.

Klobuchar Among Senate Democrats Reintroducing Digital Data Privacy Bill

Republicans have put forward their own bills, but the two parties’ differing visions have prevented consensus.

Minneapolis Leaders Call for Expanded Restroom Access in Downtown

A new initiative launched by the Minneapolis Downtown Improvement District aims to get 100 bathrooms opened to the public.

U.S. Sens. Klobuchar, Scott Propose Legislation to Study Declining Entrepreneurship

The senators’ Enhancing Entrepreneurship for the 21st Century Act would require government agencies to examine factors behind the slump in new business formation rates.

Govs. Walz, Noem Cry Foul Over Trump’s Ethanol Waivers

In a letter, the governors asked Trump to find ways to lessen the impact of the waivers on farmers.

The Fine Print: City Hall's New Office Building

A look at the particulars of a new office building for the city of Minneapolis.

Minnesota’s Angel Tax Credit Returns

The program, which was revived by the Minnesota Legislature this year, allows investors to claim a tax credit on investments in startups.

Special Session Adjourns After Minnesota Legislature Passes $48.3 Billion Budget

There will be no general tax increase, and no gas tax hike. But there will be a cut in the income tax rate for middle-income earners while a tax on medical providers will continue.

Mixing Politics and Business: A Breakdown of the Minnesota House by Profession

Breaking down the Minnesota House by profession.

As Lawmakers Take a Holiday Break, Here’s Where Things Stand at the Minnesota Legislature

There are stark differences in philosophy and strategy between the DFL-led House and GOP-run Senate, divisions best illustrated by each side’s omnibus spending and policy bills.

How Big Pharma Became the Biggest Villain of the 2019 Minnesota Legislature

Pharma has become such an inviting target that in a Legislature that can't agree on anything, multiple bills taking on the industry are still alive in both the DFL-controlled House and a GOP-controlled Senate.

Some of MN’s Lowest-Paid Workers, the St. Paul Saints Players, May Become Exempt from Minimum Wage Laws

The St. Paul Saints, the minor league baseball team that plays home games at the heavily public subsidized CHS Field in Lowertown, is 1.2 miles away from the state Capitol.

Walz, Senate Republicans at Odds Over Solution to Affordable Housing Crisis

One proposal, which has bipartisan support, would allow those who donate to affordable housing projects to take a dollar-for-dollar credit off of their state income tax bill.

The Legislature Really Wants to Help and/or Hurt Minnesota Cities Setting Municipal ID Programs

Municipal IDs are aimed at providing identification to people who are unwilling or unable to get state driver’s licenses or IDs, often because they are undocumented immigrants.

‘We’ll Fight for This One’: Gazelka Says Bill Creating Tax Credits for Private School Scholarships is a GOP Priority

The Equity and Opportunity Scholarship Act would allow donations to scholarship foundations to be credited against state income taxes. The foundations would use the money to give private school scholarships to low- and middle-income students.

New Bill Wants to Stop Cities from Setting Their Own Wage, Benefit Rules

Preemption was a more potent issue over the last four years, when Republicans controlled both the House and Senate.

Why Legalizing Sports Betting (Still) Faces Such Long Odds at the Legislature This Year

A Senate bill to partially legalize sports books in Minnesota narrowly passed out of its first committee Thursday, but the Senate majority leader isn’t keen on the idea, and the state’s 11 Native American tribes are opposed.

Minnesota’s Taxes are High. Are They Too High?

Republicans in Minnesota often focus on the state’s high taxes, while DFLers focus on all the services the state delivers for that money — a divergence was put on display at the Minnesota Capitol this week.

Equity Grant Concerns Have Walz Administration Considering New Ways to Address Disparity in MN

DEED Commissioner Steve Grove said there was a move away from putting more money into grants he described as “siloed, carve-out programs,” but instead to “bring the philosophy of equity to all that we do.”

How Popular is Amy Klobuchar in Minnesota’s Trump Country?

Part of Klobuchar’s case to win the Democratic nomination for president is her ability to appeal to Trump voters. How strong is that ability?

9 Things to Know About Amy Klobuchar

What you should know about Klobuchar’s politics and finances as the senator announces her presidential run.

Gov. Tim Walz to Move Quickly on Health Care, Workforce Shortage and Gas Tax Priorities

The DFLer lays out political strategy to win support for his agenda in a divided Legislature.

Is the Legalization of Recreational Marijuana in Minnesota Inevitable?

Recreational marijuana probably isn’t coming to Minnesota this year. But the debate at Legislature has already become largely about when, not if, it will happen.

Minnesota Lawmakers are Crafting a Plan to Help Federal Workers if Another Shutdown Occurs

Rep. Zack Stephenson’s bill would appropriate $2.5 million to the Department of Employment and Economic Development to oversee the program and guarantee any defaults by workers. No interest could be charged during a shutdown or for 90 days after the end of a shutdown.

Death of Minnesotan is Urging Lawmakers to Address Insulin Price Gouging

Alec Smith’s parents were on hand at the Minnesota Capitol earlier this week to tell his story one more time, part of an effort to pass a package of bills to stop price gouging and bring some transparency to the insulin market.

The University of Minnesota is Losing More Than $500K Every Day During Government Shutdown

The shutdown has cost University researchers $10 million in unreimbursed expenses, caused facilities to be shuttered, and is getting in the way of some students’ financial aid.

In First Speech as Governor, Walz Sticks to ‘Fundamentals’ — Schools, Health Care, and Infrastructure

Education was featured prominently in Gov. Tim Walz’s remarks, but he also highlighted a theme that was a big part of his campaign — that the state has addressed tough problems in the past and can do so again.

Give the Northwest Angle to Canada? Minnesotans Say No Way, No How

A look at why a recently launched petition to “give the Northwest Angle back to Canada” to “correct a critical survey error” will never be successful, and why Angle business owners would never want it to be.

Why Greater Minnesota Interests Feel Optimistic About the 2019 Legislative Session

When the Legislature begins its work Jan. 8, a battery of lobbyists for Greater Minnesota interests will be there, arguing for a variety of proposals that they believe will boost the rural economy.

Dean Phillips Talks Trump, His Agenda and Balancing Business Values Within Government

The Third District’s new congressman reflects on challenges and priorities as his government-repair mission prepares to enter action mode.

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