9 Things to Know About Amy Klobuchar

What you should know about Klobuchar’s politics and finances as the senator announces her presidential run.

Gov. Tim Walz to Move Quickly on Health Care, Workforce Shortage and Gas Tax Priorities

The DFLer lays out political strategy to win support for his agenda in a divided Legislature.

Is the Legalization of Recreational Marijuana in Minnesota Inevitable?

Recreational marijuana probably isn’t coming to Minnesota this year. But the debate at Legislature has already become largely about when, not if, it will happen.

Minnesota Lawmakers are Crafting a Plan to Help Federal Workers if Another Shutdown Occurs

Rep. Zack Stephenson’s bill would appropriate $2.5 million to the Department of Employment and Economic Development to oversee the program and guarantee any defaults by workers. No interest could be charged during a shutdown or for 90 days after the end of a shutdown.

Death of Minnesotan is Urging Lawmakers to Address Insulin Price Gouging

Alec Smith’s parents were on hand at the Minnesota Capitol earlier this week to tell his story one more time, part of an effort to pass a package of bills to stop price gouging and bring some transparency to the insulin market.

The University of Minnesota is Losing More Than $500K Every Day During Government Shutdown

The shutdown has cost University researchers $10 million in unreimbursed expenses, caused facilities to be shuttered, and is getting in the way of some students’ financial aid.

In First Speech as Governor, Walz Sticks to ‘Fundamentals’ — Schools, Health Care, and Infrastructure

Education was featured prominently in Gov. Tim Walz’s remarks, but he also highlighted a theme that was a big part of his campaign — that the state has addressed tough problems in the past and can do so again.

Give the Northwest Angle to Canada? Minnesotans Say No Way, No How

A look at why a recently launched petition to “give the Northwest Angle back to Canada” to “correct a critical survey error” will never be successful, and why Angle business owners would never want it to be.

Why Greater Minnesota Interests Feel Optimistic About the 2019 Legislative Session

When the Legislature begins its work Jan. 8, a battery of lobbyists for Greater Minnesota interests will be there, arguing for a variety of proposals that they believe will boost the rural economy.

Dean Phillips Talks Trump, His Agenda and Balancing Business Values Within Government

The Third District’s new congressman reflects on challenges and priorities as his government-repair mission prepares to enter action mode.

After the 2018 Election, Do Democrats Own the Suburbs — Or Are They Just Renting Them?

Experts caution against assuming the suburbs are in DFL hands for the long term.

‘Fulfilling in Every Way’: Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey on His First Year in Office

On a recent afternoon, Frey looked back at the highlights and challenges of his first year in the new gig, what he is prioritizing in 2019 — and what his life is now like outside City Hall.

Could Legalized Sports Betting Come to Minnesota As Soon As 2019?

Legislation is already being drafted for lawmakers to take up the issue in 2019, the passage of which would add Minnesota to a growing list of states that have legalized betting on professional and college sports.

Minnesota’s Budget Surplus Forecast Comes with Warning: Tight Labor Market Only Going to Get Worse

The tight labor market caused by retiring baby boomers is an immediate problem, and its pinch on growing businesses is only going to get worse.

On Listening Tour, Walz Gets an Earful, and Offers an Admission: ‘I Will Fail You at Times’

Even while the tour raised expectations of an open and inclusive administration, Walz admitted that he might not always meet those expectations.

Flanagan Tells Business Leaders: Push Coming for Paid Family Leave, More Affordable Child Care

While the incoming lieutenant governor expressed a willingness to listen to concerns about regulation and efficiency in government, she also set out what Gov.-elect Tim Walz might want in return.

Amy Klobuchar is the Only One Not Talking About Amy Klobuchar Running for President in 2020

Some in the media, who had already been buzzing about Klobuchar as a dark horse candidate, went all-in after her decisive win on Election Day.

Walz Wins Governorship, DFL Takes MN House in 2018 Midterm Elections

Meanwhile, voters in Minnesota’s most populous county elect two political newcomers over longtime incumbents, Hennepin County Sheriff Rich Stanek and County Commissioner Peter McLaughlin.

Why the Nation’s Eyes Will Turn to Minnesota on Election Day

Control of Congress doesn’t hinge on Minnesota’s contested House districts, but it depends on districts like them across the country.

What Local Businesses are Doing to Boost Voter Participation on Election Day

Anytime Fitness, Askov Finlayson, Clockwork, Nice Ride, Target are among the companies in the Twin Cities that have enacted policies including full closures, adjusted hours, and more, to ensure employees get to the polls.

Facing Boycott Threats, Land O’Lakes Pulls Support for GOP Rep. Steve King

Twitter erupted with calls for boycotts against Land O’Lakes over a June donation to King’s campaign, as King is oft criticized as being a white nationalist, and otherwise divisive voice.

Minnesota’s Buffer Law is Likely to Change — No Matter Who Wins the Governor’s Race

With Gov. Mark Dayton leaving office, the buffer law has become one of the top natural resource issues in the governor’s race between Republican Jeff Johnson and DFLer Tim Walz.

How Minnesota Stacks Up Against the States Our Gov. Candidates Fear the Most

Republican Jeff Johnson says Minnesota will become California if DFLer Tim Walz is elected. If the opposite happens, Walz threatens Mississippi.

In the Race for Minnesota Governor, It’s No More Mr. Nice Guys

The two major party nominees, Republican Jeff Johnson and DFLer Tim Walz, once made a thing out of their personal camaraderie. With less than a month to go before the election, though, that chumminess has disappeared.

In Minnesota, American Indians Often Fare Worse Than Other Groups

The homeless encampment along Hiawatha Avenue in Minneapolis has brought new attention to a long-standing and widespread problem.

Whether Kavanaugh Is or Isn’t Confirmed, Minnesota Republicans See a Midterm Election Boost

Conservatives have overwhelmingly rallied to the defense of Kavanaugh.

Do the Economics of Density Really Create Affordable Housing?

A draft of the Minneapolis 2040 comprehensive plan proposes building fourplexes across the city, sparking a heated debate among residents and policymakers.

Minnesota’s Political Campaigns are Spending a Ton Online to Influence Your Vote

Facebook and Google are among the top targets.

What You Need to Know About the ‘Full-Service Community Schools’ Model That’s Getting High-Profile Political Support in MN

By reducing barriers for students and their families — addressing basic needs like stable housing, job training and mental and physical health care — such schools aim to better equip at-risk students to succeed.

Minnetonka Votes in Favor of Raising Tobacco Sale Age to 21

Minnetonka will be the 12th city in Minnesota to join the Tobacco 21 effort aimed at preventing youth nicotine addiction.

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