Office Envy: Digi International

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    At Digi International you won’t find CEO Ron Konezny working in a corner office. “Put me in the most interior space with no view,” he told Vohs. “The best views are going to go to R&D and the team; the best spaces are going to go to everyone to collaborate.”

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    An essential material in electronics, copper represents connectivity in the Digi office, Vohs says. The centerpiece: a floating copper oval conference room. Says Vohs, “You’re on display, but you’re in this kind of cocoon of warmth.”

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    Interior of the floating copper oval conference room.

  • Company: Digi International
    Headquarters: Hopkins
    Size: 65,000 square feet
    Designer: Studio BV

    Technology communications company Digi International wanted a workplace that expressed the innovation process. An abstract and lofty goal, but local design firm Studio BV managed to channel the energy of creation through light and materials, with copper and metal for a high-tech look. The company’s new Hopkins headquarters brings both work processes and products out of the shadows and into full view. That’s in stark contrast to Digi’s former 1980s-style office, which Studio BV founder and CEO Betsy Vohs describes as cavernous, underutilized, and dark. “Cultures don’t survive in spaces that don’t let them activate” their potential, Vohs says. The new space utilizes LED lighting with glass walls to pull natural light into meeting spaces, as well as research and development labs. Vohs also saw an opportunity to showcase the company’s technology with a virtual greeter and interactive screens to welcome guests. Vohs says that when products are on display, “I think it becomes more real, and people get more excited when they can see what it means.”