Office Envy: Media Bridge Advertising

Media Bridge Advertising sprawls out with more space.

  • MediaBridge_01

    Staff members have their own space, without being siloed.

  • MediaBridge_02

    “There are nooks and crannies to escape to, depending on your mood or what you’re working on,” says Tracy Call, CEO and founder. “So you can easily be alone, and you can easily collaborate.”

  • MediaBridge_03

    The CEO’s office looks out over the main work space, with sliding glass doors for quiet conversations.

  • MediaBridge_04

    The agency’s “M” logo is incorporated throughout the space, from wallpaper to light fixtures and desks. “Not a day goes by where I don’t notice another subtle thing about our office that reflects our brand,” Call says.

  • MediaBridge_05

    Designer Jaque Bethke says the office reflects the core of the brand and its people.

  • MediaBridge_06

    “The space isn’t working too hard to impress you. It’s more subtle than that. You like the feeling of walking into it, but it’s not showing off,” Call says. “It tells you a new secret every day.”

  • MediaBridge_07

    Exposed brick and wood beams are worked into the new, modern design.

  • MediaBridge_08

    “The remodel was really about giving people a home away from home,” Call says.

  • Company: Media Bridge Advertising
    Headquarters: 212 Third Ave. N., Minneapolis
    Size: 5,000 square feet
    Designer: Jaque Bethke Design

    Media Bridge Advertising recently moved into space150’s former location at 212 Third Ave. N., and traded up—from a cramped 1,500-square-foot office to a sprawling 5,000-square-foot space. Both staff and revenue have nearly doubled in the past two years, to the tune of $23 million annually. “The remodel is really about giving people a home away from home,” says Tracy Call, founder and CEO of Media Bridge, which spent $550,000 on the renovation. “I wanted a space that my team looks forward to coming to in the morning and doesn’t want to leave at night.” She hired Jaque Bethke Design to bring her vision to life. “People are a corporation’s biggest asset, so inspiration in office spaces comes from the culture,” says interior designer Bethke, who spent time with the entire Media Bridge team, from the president to the receptionist—to consider their office needs. Says Call, “Jaque knew how much I care about my team, so she made sure they all had a voice in the process.”