2019 Meetings + Events Resource Guide
2019 Meetings and Events Resource Guide

2019 Meetings and Events Resource Guide

Game show battles. Brewery tours. Virtual reality experiences. Ax throwing.

No need to wait until you’re off the clock to play. The latest trend in work gatherings—whether it’s a client meeting, employee appreciation celebration, or team-building event—is leaving the office and having fun.

“[Companies] want more interactive entertainment, and they’re looking to engage their employees more,” says Lauren Segelbaum, senior event specialist for Minneapolis-based EventLab. “It’s about work hard, play hard.”

Rather than bringing experiences into the office, employers are more frequently opting to take staff or clients out, says Amy Zaroff, founder and creative director of Amy Zaroff Events + Design.

Leaving the workplace is a great way “to clear your mind and be more creative,” Zaroff says.

It’s become a lot easier, and more compelling, to do so, with the recent proliferation of interactive attractions across the Twin Cities, from high-tech arcades to escape rooms—the ultimate in working together to problem-solve.

“You have to be more creative in what you offer employees because they’re exposed to more,” says Segelbaum.

With that in mind, you’ll find many new venues in this year’s guide, along with time-tested vendors, for all the resources you need to round out your event, from planners and caterers to musicians and audio-visual experts. The key to any successful gathering is not just the what or the when, but making it an experience.