Colorado Energy Firm Inks Wind Energy Deal with Minnesota Agency

Under the deal, the Minnesota Municipal Power Agency will purchase 200 megawatts of energy from a new wind farm in Jackson County, Minn.

Colorado Energy Firm Inks Wind Energy Deal with Minnesota Agency
(Photo from Scout Clean Energy's website)

The Minnesota Municipal Power Agency has signed a 20-year agreement to buy wind energy from Boulder, Colo.-based Scout Clean Energy.

The agency will purchase 200 megawatts of energy from the forthcoming Three Waters Wind Farm in Jackson County, Minn. That equates to the entire capacity of the wind farm, which will span 45,000 acres and feature 71 GE wind turbines.

Construction of the new farm is slated to begin in 2021, with service slated to start late that year, according to a news release issued by Scout Clean Energy.

Scout will own and operate Three Waters. The news release didn’t disclose the contract's value.

"This purchase of renewable energy contributes to MMPA's renewable portfolio and reduces MMPA's carbon footprint in a cost-effective manner," says Oncu Er, chief operating officer of Avant Energy Inc., which manages MMPA.

The new farm “distinguishes MMPA as a renewable energy leader in Minnesota,” adds Michael Rucker, Scout Clean Energy’s CEO and founder.

Minnesota is among the top 10 wind-energy producing states in the country, according to data from the U.S. Energy Information Administration. In 2018, wind generated 18 percent of Minnesota’s net electricity.

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