Medical Alley Launching Global Summit Focused on Health Care, Retail, Technology

The summit will be titled MANOVA, a combination of Medical Alley’s initials and “nova” from the word innovation.

Medical Alley Launching Global Summit Focused on Health Care, Retail, Technology
The Medical Alley Association, in collaboration with producing entity 2023 Partners, announced Thursday the launch of an annual global summit focused on the confluence of healthcare, retail and technology. Dubbed MANOVA — a cross between “Medical Alley” and “innovation" — the summit will be a four-day event featuring several keynote speakers, including Arianna Huffington and Andy Slavitt.
The event will be held throughout Minneapolis and will highlight the best practices in healthcare, create an opportunity to showcase innovations and breakthroughs, and involve a discussion on new ideas for improving and increasing “consumerization” of health worldwide.
“As the home of health leaders and pioneers, we are excited to host the global conversation on the future of health,” said Shaye Mandle, president and CEO of the Medical Alley Association, in a statement.
With Walmart as its lead sponsor, the inaugural summit has been set to start October 8th and end on the 11th. Sessions from the event will be held in locations across downtown Minneapolis, including the Walker Art Center. It’s expected to attract more than 2,000 individuals – thought leaders, executives, entrepreneurs and technologists – working in intersecting spaces of consumer health, retail delivery and medical technology.
“Thanks to globally-renowned medical facilities, prestigious education institutions, and innovative medical technology companies, Minnesota is a national leader in quality health care,” said Governor Mark Dayton in prepared remarks. “This summit will showcase our rapidly growing medical sector, highlight new advances and technologies, and encourage the further development of one of our state's most promising areas for future growth.”
Among the slated speakers for the event are: Huffington Post and Thrive Global founder Ariana Huffington; National Geographic fellow and New York Times best-selling author Dan Buettner; Minnesota’s own Andy Slavitt, who led the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services under the Obama administration and is now a leader of two endeavors aimed at improving healthcare systems and access for particularly vulnerable communities; as well as Mark Addicks, former chief marketing officer of Minneapolis-based General Mills and the current CEO of 2023 Partners.
“We are living in disruptive times where empowered consumers will take and demand a more active role in their health, and what it means to be healthy,” said Addicks. “This conversation will start with how we approach our lives, our communities and will affect where, when and how we seek and receive what we call ‘healthcare’ in the future.”
In addition to the talks, the summit will feature presentations, experiential exhibitions and the optional MedCity Invest, a fourth day of discussions specifically targeting Minnesota’s network of venture capitalists and start up players.
Tickets for MANOVA start at $850.
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