Franken Supports Sanders' Universal Health Care Bill

But he called the goal of single payer an "aspirational" one.

Franken Supports Sanders' Universal Health Care Bill
Sen. Al Franken said on Tuesday that he supports the creation of a single-payer health care system in the United States.
Franken joined a growing list of Democratic politicians that is co-sponsoring Sen. Bernie Sanders’ “Medicare for All” bill, which is intended to provide universal coverage to all Americans.
“Like Paul Wellstone, I’ve always believe that health care is a right for all Americans—not a privilege—and that every person in our country deserves access to the care they need,” Franken wrote in a Facebook post.
The Medicare for All legislation would unify all Americans—including those under the current Medicare and Medicaid schemes—under a single system with the promise of more robust benefits for everyone. During his presidential bid, Sanders said it would be paid for with a 6.2 percent payroll tax paid by the employer, a 2.2 percent tax paid by the employee and higher income, capital gains and estate taxes.
Franken called the bill “aspirational” and was a worthy goal toward which to work. But, he said, “In the short term, I strongly believe we must pursue bipartisan policies that improve our current health care system for all Americans.”
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