Mayo Clinic Spending $458M To Renovate, Expand Its MN, FL Campuses

Mayo representatives said the investment would complement the Destination Medical Center in Rochester, which has a construction start of later this year.

Mayo Clinic Spending $458M To Renovate, Expand Its MN, FL Campuses
In its largest infrastructure investment in more than a decade, the Mayo Clinic will spend about $458 million to renovate and expand its Mankato and Florida campuses, as well as its Saint Marys Campus in Rochester.
More than half, approximately $217 million, will be spent on various projects at the health care provider’s Rochester facility. Dr. Robert Cima, the medical director of Mayo Clinic Hospital Operations at Saint Marys, told TCB the investment is complementary to Mayo’s 20-year, $6 billion plan to transform downtown Rochester into America’s health care capital — otherwise known as the Destination Medical Center (DMC) project.
“All of this is part of a strategic plan,” Cima said. “Saint Marys has been in continuous use for over a century now. There are times when we need to renovate as well as expand, and we’re taking this opportunity to do both.”
Construction will begin this year on an additional three floors added to Mayo’s Generose Building in Rochester. An estimated 150,000-square-feet is expected to be created. Half of the space will go towards a new physical medicine and rehabilitation inpatient and therapy center, while the other half will be purposed in the future, Mayo said.
At the same time in its East Tower, three floors again will be added to create about 104,000-square-feet of new space. Once completed, private patient rooms with private bathrooms and showers will become available, eliminating the need for communal showers that are shared by up to 143 patients at its Saint Marys Campus.
Additionally, Mayo said it would relocate its cardiac surgery unit from the first floor to the third floor of the East Tower. The increased size of the third floor will allow for Mayo to expand the size of its operating rooms, where there is the capacity for 13 ORs, as well as 13 preoperative and postoperative spaces.
The construction required for its cardiac surgery move has an expected completion date of late 2018.
Elsewhere on its Saint Marys Campus, Mayo plans to increase the bed count in its neonatal and pediatric intensive care units following a renovation and expansion of both centers. Similarly, Mayo plans to modernize and expand its cardiovascular diseases intensive care unit to increase patient capacity.
“With this significant investment, we will increase Mayo’s capacity to provide the best possible care for our patients and also create jobs and economic growth in Rochester and the region,” Mayo CEO Dr. John Noseworthy said in a statement.
Between all the projects at its Saint Marys Campus, Mayo spokeswoman Kelly Reller told TCB the need for roughly 280 full-time jobs would be created. The expansion and modernization of its existing facility will also help meet its ongoing patient needs, she said.
“In total, Mayo Clinic Rochester projects an additional 7,800 surgical cases by 2019,” Reller said. “Of that total, Saint Marys Campus will see a projected increase of 4,275 surgical patients by 2019.”
Staffing changes are also expected to occur following the completion of its Mankato and Florida projects.
Later this year, a $5 million renovation and expansion of Mayo’s orthopedic sports and medicine clinic will begin, alongside efforts to expand its hospital surgical suites in Mankato.
“That expansion will include additional operating rooms, renovation of the operating rooms, modifying some of the radiology procedural areas, and expanding some of the bed tower capability,” Cima noted.
According to Keller, approximately $65 million will be spent on the surgical suites expansion.
In Jacksonville, Florida, Mayo will look to grow its campus by 300,000 square feet. An additional four floors will be added to the Mayo Building South, costing an estimated $70.5 million. Construction on that project is expected to finish in 2019 and result in the creation of “hundreds” of new jobs over the next five years.
“The improvement of our facilities is a natural extension of Mayo Clinic’s efforts to provide both a modern and coordinated health care environment,” C. Michael Harper, executive dean for practice at Mayo, said in a statement.
Construction on Mayo’s latest expansion spree from Thursday will likely coincide with construction on the DMC project. Last month, it was announced that a groundbreaking ceremony for the DMC would take place in Rochester during the fourth quarter of this year.
At that same time, a $38 million mixed-use development project was approved, which came only two months after the approval of a separate, $115 million mixed-use development.
Related construction efforts in Rochester also include a new transit system. Although city officials have yet to finalize any plans, they’re mulling a streetcar-type rail line, called a “city loop,” as an option.
The DMC project, a combined investment from the State of Minnesota, Rochester, Mayo Clinic and other private investment, is the largest-ever public-private development partnership in state history. 
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