This Minneapolis Company is One of the Most Sued in America

A sneak peek into which companies were sued for discriminating, retaliating or harassing employees was revealed in July.

This Minneapolis Company is One of the Most Sued in America
Editor's Note: This store has been updated to include a response by Target.
Data accumulated by LexisNexis subsidiary Lex Machina suggests Minneapolis may be home to one of the most sued corporations in America.
In the lead-up to its yet-to-drop Employment Litigation Report, which analyzes the type and number of complaints and companies that have been sued, Lex Machina gave a sneak peek at who would top the list. Among them: big box retailer Target.
Analysis by the litigation research company will cover about 70,000 cases, starting in 2009 through the second quarter of 2017.
Target was not the only retailer to make the cut. Competitor Walmart was listed, as was Home Depot.
The United Parcel Service, Bank of America and United Airlines rounded out the top six. Fast Company notes that AT&T, Boeing, CVS Pharmacy, FedEx, JP Morgan Chase Bank, Life Insurance Company of America, Sears and Walgreens were also ranked among the most sued. And so too was Wells Fargo, which maintains a large workforce in Minnesota.
Even government organizations, which, like large corporations, have headcounts in the tens of thousands, have been subject to numerous suits. Of those Lex Machina listed were the City of New York, the Department of Defense, U.S. Post Office and the Metropolitan Washington Airport Authority.
“Based on cases filed between January 1, 2009 through June 30, 2017, discrimination lawsuits are by far the most common (87 percent of cases), followed by retaliation (66 percent) and harassment (35 percent),” Lex Machina wrote on its blog. “However, employment cases often involve overlapping kinds of claims—discrimination and retaliation claims are combined more than half the time (54 percent), and the other two combinations occur in about a third of cases. Cases with all three tags comprise just under a quarter of the cases (24 percent).”

In a statement responding to this story, a Target spokeswoman told TCB, "With more than 323,000 team members across the country, Target is a place where we value the indviduals that come together to serve our guests. We're aware of Target's inclusion, along with many other large companies, in the 'Employment Litigation Report.' After reviewing our data and consulting with outside counsel, we can confirm that the number of employment lawsuits we receive per employee is lower than most other large employers in the United States."
Lex Machina’s report is expected to drop in the coming months.
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