Target Unveils Design Partnership With Finnish Brand Marimekko

The bold patterns and colors of Marimekko will be featured in Target stores on a number of items, such as paddle boards, dinnerware and bocce ball sets.

Target Unveils Design Partnership With Finnish Brand Marimekko
Target unveiled its new design partnership with Marimekko, a Finnish brand known for its use of bold prints and vivid colors. The announcement was made during an investor meeting in New York on Wednesday.
The retail giant based in Minneapolis (which is also home to the largest urban population of Finns in America) said its collection of more than 200 Marimekko products would run the gamut: from swimwear and furniture to hammocks and parachutes. Target’s deal with Marimekko—meaning “Mary’s dress”—is similar to that of its spring 2015 partnership with Lilly Pulitzer, which led to a shopping frenzy.
Marimekko was founded in postwar Finland and attracted international attention when First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy wore a dress by Marimekko on the cover of Sports Illustrated in 1960.
“We’ve had our eye on Marimekko for quite some time,” Julie Guggemos, Target’s senior vice president of product design and development, said in a statement.
Marimekko-inspired items hit Target stores on April 17.
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