Sportradar Inks Deal With NHL To Monitor Gambling Activity

The sports data company will play the role of watchdog for the NHL as it looks for atypical bets being placed on regular-season and postseason games.

Sportradar Inks Deal With NHL To Monitor Gambling Activity
Sportradar deepened its ties with the National Hockey League on Tuesday, as it agreed to monitor suspicious gambling behavior surrounding the league’s regular-season and postseason games.
Sportradar, which maintains its U.S. operational headquarters in Minneapolis, signed on as the NHL’s exclusive distributor of hockey data last fall. The type of data collected by Sportradar ranges from NHL team standings to the face-off win percentage of individual players.
“When we secured our data partnership with the NHL last year, we began discussions about adding our award-winning Fraud Detection System into the partnership,” Sportradar spokesman Nick Stamm told TCB. “Today’s announcement is the fruit of those discussions.”
The NHL’s decision to incorporate integrity services was not in reaction to a specific match-fixing event or other illegal gambling activity, Stamm added. Instead, he described the move as a “proactive” decision.
In June, the NHL awarded an expansion franchise to Las Vegas. According to ESPN, NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman at the time of the announcement told reporters that the league wasn’t worried about the integrity of its games. “While we know gambling is part of the industry in Las Vegas,” he said, “we’re not going to make it all that easy for you to pick up a ticket, a gambling ticket, on your way into the arena.”
Bettman noted at the time that betting on hockey games paled in comparison to other sports, with the NHL generating only 3 to 5 percent of the amount bet on sports overall. “While we have the utmost confidence in the integrity of our sports and our games,” he said in a statement, “Sportradar’s Fraud Detection System provides an additional layer of security and protection.”
Sportradar’s Fraud Detection System monitors over 100,000 matches across a 12 sports played around the world each year. In the U.S., Major League Soccer and the United Soccer League are the other two sporting agencies currently utilizing Sportradar’s integrity service. 
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