Prevent Biometrics Seeking $2.5M In Equity Financing

$300,000 has already been raised.

Prevent Biometrics Seeking $2.5M In Equity Financing
Prevent Biometrics, an Edina-based startup, is looking to raise $2.5 million in equity financing, according to SEC filings earlier this month.
The company has already raised $300,000, though its source hasn’t been disclosed.
Prevent Biometrics, a spinoff of Cleveland Clinic research and run by former CEO of Shock Doctor, is developing a mouth guard for athletes that monitors for concussion impacts and can alert coaches and medical staff on the sidelines via a mobile app. The mouth guard is expected to launch later this year.
“The world knows very little about concussions since there’s never been a device to measure factors at such a granular level,” Frank Grazzini, a co-founder and COO of Prevent Biometrics, told
Prevent Biometrics was named a 2015 MN Cup finalist in the high tech category.
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