Mayo’s New Blood Test Could Predict Chances Of Experiencing A Heart Attack

The new test focuses on a type of molecule in the blood stream that is heavily linked to cardiovascular disease processes.

Mayo’s New Blood Test Could Predict Chances Of Experiencing A Heart Attack
Mayo Clinic launched a new type of blood test on Wednesday that is the first-of-its-kind in the U.S.
With the new test, measurements are taken from blood concentrations of plasma ceramides, a class of lipids highly linked to cardiovascular disease events, such as a heart attack. It’s believed the test could even predict the chance of a cardiovascular event as much as a year before it occurs.
In particular, patients suffering from coronary artery disease (CAD), both young and old, will benefit from the new test, Mayo said.
“Through our strong collaboration with Zora Biosciences, we hope our new test will improve the evaluation of individuals at risk for cardiovascular disease,” said Jeff Meeusen, co-director of Mayo’s Cardiovascular Laboratory Medicine Group.
Zora Biosciences currently holds the patents for the diagnostic use of plasma ceramides. The Finnish company published its findings on the new test in April, which it said helped forecast the possibility of an adverse cardiovascular event.
Rochester-based Mayo noted the test might even be useful in determining if treatment would be necessary for individuals who are not at severe risk, but only intermediate risk of CAD.
To identify at-risk individuals, Mayo said it would provide the new test through its Mayo Medical Laboratories branch, a reference laboratory that offers services to more than 5,000 health care organizations in 60-plus countries.
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