HCMC Partners With US Bank Stadium

The hospital will provide emergency services during events.

HCMC Partners With US Bank Stadium
Hennepin County Medical Center is partnering up with the Minnesota Sports Facilities Authority to become its exclusive medical service provider at U.S. Bank Stadium.
The agreement means that HCMC will have personnel on site during events and perform emergency medical services as necessary. In the event that hospitalization is necessary, the medical center is nearby – only a block away from the stadium.
“We have decades of experience supporting major events at stadiums and arenas,” HCMC’s EMS chief medical director, Jeffrey Ho, said in a statement. “This is a very large facility, but it was designed to give us the access we need to provide outstanding care both on the field, in the stands and within the concourses.”
HCMC is a Level I Adult and Pediatric Trauma Center and has the largest emergency department in the state of Minnesota.

Over the past year, the stadium has added a number of "exclusive" sponsors in deals likely valued at millions of dollars.
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