HCMC Nears Approval To Officially Change Its Name

The hospital system has adopted a number of different names since its founding in 1887 as Minneapolis City Hospital.

HCMC Nears Approval To Officially Change Its Name

UPDATE: Spokespersons from both the Hennepin County office and Hennepin County Medical Center confirmed the name change was rejected after the County Board voted against it during an agenda meeting on November 15.

As Hennepin County Medical Center continues to grow its operations throughout the metro area, efforts to rebrand the Minneapolis-based hospital system have been unfolding.
The latest step in that front by the county-owned institution, abbreviated as HCMC, came Tuesday when it received approval from the Hennepin County Board to change its name to Hennepin Healthcare Medical Center.
The name change will still need to pass a final approval vote on November 15, the Star Tribune reports. The County Board will again conduct that vote. If passed, HCMC will officially drop the “County” from its in 2018.
Local officials, such as county commissioners Peter McLaughlin and Mike Opat have spoken against the need for a name change, saying the hospital system should be identified as the county enterprise that it is.
Hennepin Healthcare Medical Center is poised to become the second name change in the hospital system’s more than 50-year history under county ownership.
When Hennepin County assumed ownership in 1964, it became known as Hennepin County General Hospital. A decade later, the hospital system took its current name. 

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