Fast-Growing Code School The Iron Yard To Open Twin Cities Location

Tuition will be $12,000 for a 12-week boot camp course to ready people for entry-level programming positions.

Fast-Growing Code School The Iron Yard To Open Twin Cities Location
The Iron Yard, a code school that offers 12-week courses to ready people for entry-level programming positions, announced Tuesday that it would open a location in the Twin Cities.
The Greenville, South Carolina-based institution began enrollment for a front-end engineering course scheduled to begin March 28. Elsewhere—in its 15 other U.S. campuses and one in the U.K.—The Iron Yard offers programs on back-end engineering, mobile engineering, data science and design. In a release, the fast-growing code school expressed plans to open those courses in Minneapolis as well.
The Iron Yard did not identify where in Minneapolis its campus would be. However, some courses on its website currently list St. Louis Park as the course location.
“Minneapolis’ reputation as a thriving tech hub is growing with nearly 400 job openings for entry-level software engineers coming online every 90 days,” Eric Dodds, co-founder of The Iron Yard, said in a statement. His goal for the campus is “to help meet the city’s demand for a talented tech workforce.”
The Iron Yard claims that students who take its courses are given the resources to build skills, a portfolio and help navigating the job-search process. The code school lists Amazon, Microsoft and Coca-Cola among other businesses that have hired its graduates.
Each course at The Iron Yard costs $12,000 in tuition, which puts it neck-and-neck with tuition costs at The Nerdery’s Prime Digital Academy. In December 2014, Bloomington-based Prime began offering 18-week software engineering classes to accommodate Minnesota’s booming tech industry.
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