Cirrus Unveils Latest Entry To Its Top-Selling Airplane Series

The aircraft producer said its 2016 SR planes are “the most sophisticated aircraft” the company has made to date.

Cirrus Unveils Latest Entry To Its Top-Selling Airplane Series
Cirrus Aircraft revealed the latest entry to its SR series of airplanes on Tuesday.
For 13 years, SR series aircrafts by Duluth-based Cirrus have been the top-selling four-to-five seat, single-engine piston planes in the world. For its 2016 SRs, Cirrus said it enhanced a number of design elements to make it “the most sophisticated aircraft we’ve ever produced—period.”
Among the updates: Cirrus’s new aircraft allows pilots to build flight plans at home or work, transfer those plans to the avionics system, and even alter the route mid-flight—all through their smartphone. The company wants the cabin to feel “on par with the finest luxury automobiles” by providing better connectivity, leather seats and “premium” finishes.
Since delivering its first SR aircraft in 1999, lifetime sales have exceeded 6,200 planes. Cirrus spokesperson Jill Holmen said the company has delivered over 300 SR aircrafts in each of the last two years and hopes to sell at least as many of the new model in 2016. Planes in the series start at $359,900 and can exceed $600,000 depending on the model.
Cirrus CEO Dale Klapmeier was inducted into TCB’s Minnesota Business Hall of Fame last summer. In his acceptance speech, he explained why Duluth was the ideal choice for his business.
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