Best Buy Executive Assumes CEO Role At Angie’s List

Former president of e-commerce and marketing at the electronics retailer will now lead a professional service-to-consumer digital marketplace.

Best Buy Executive Assumes CEO Role At Angie’s List
Scott Durchslag, a former Best Buy executive, is taking the reins at Angie’s List, a professional service-to-customer link-up site based in Indianapolis. Durchslag’s assumed the new role on Tuesday.
As the president of Best Buy’s e-commerce and marketing efforts from 2012 to 2014, Durchslag was a key component to the creation of the My Best Buy credit card/loyalty program and grew the company’s e-commerce business to $3 billion in revenue during his tenure. Under his leadership, he also more than doubled Best Buy’s online revenue growth from 11 percent in Q4 of 2013 to 26 percent a year later.
Even after his departure, Best Buy has continued to thrive off of its online success. In late August, Best Buy posted another 17 percent increase in online comparable sales in its Q2 report, a $676 million increase from its previous year’s results.
Angie’s List’s chairman John Chuang said in a statement that Durchslag’s experience would be “particularly well-suited” for the position as Angie’s List continues to gain a foothold “as a leading platform in the $800 billion local services marketplace.”
Previous to Best Buy, Durchslag worked his way up the corporate ladder at Motorola, Skype and Expedia Worldwide.
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