Growing Datacard Group Relocates HQ To Shakopee

The identification and credit card printing company said it is moving its corporate offices from Minnetonka to Shakopee to better accommodate business and employee growth.

Growing Datacard Group Relocates HQ To Shakopee
The Datacard Group—an identification and credit card manufacturer—announced Wednesday that it is moving its corporate headquarters from Minnetonka, where it has operated for 35 years, to a renovated facility in Shakopee.
The company said it wanted to maintain its presence in the Twin Cities area while also finding a location that suited its growth needs. After an unsuccessful search near its current Minnetonka offices, Datacard purchased and is currently renovating a 370,000-square-foot facility at 1187 Park Place in Shakopee.
“The Shakopee location will be a great move for us as a company,” CEO Todd Wilkinson said in a statement.  “The move will give us tremendous capability to help streamline our operations and manufacturing, provide a better customer experience, and enrich our colleagues’ work environment.”
Datacard spokeswoman Kristin Eckmann told Twin Cities Business that the company is anticipating roughly $30 million in property acquisition and renovation costs. The facility renovations include building offices and manufacturing space, expanding an existing cafeteria, adding a workout facility, and increasing the number of employee parking spaces.
Eckmann said that the move is scheduled to take place in 12 to 18 months, at which point all 680 of Datacard’s Minnesota employees will relocate to the new facility. Eckmann said Datacard plans to hire additional employees but declined to disclose how many and when the hiring process would occur, saying the number is “dependent on need and growth opportunities.”
In addition to its identification-card manufacturing services, Datacard recently extended its reach for the first time into the mobile commerce industry. In February, the company made an equity investment in DeviceFidelity, Inc., which outfits smartphones with mobile payment technology.
Privately held Datacard Group's annual revenues exceed $450 million and it currently employs approximately 1,400 people worldwide.
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