M Is For Mental

The Met Council and Dakota County squabble over paint.

M Is For Mental
Reliable rapid transit is essential to the region’s growth and employers’ ability to attract workers, skilled and otherwise. Which explains why Dakota County commissioners got into a dustup with Met Council planners over whether Cedar Avenue Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Red Line buses would be painted in a signature pastiche of reds or look like other transit vehicles. 

“There’s a growing tension between the Met Council and the counties” on transit issues, says MinnPosttransportation specialist and former Met Council staffer Steve Dornfeld. “Saying [Dakota County Commissioners] wanted the Cedar buses to have more ‘pizzazz’ was really about wanting a look that says ‘These are our buses.’ ” 

Also at issue: whether the letter M or T would identify the region’s transitways. 

In the end, Dakota County got a splash of red, and the current “T” designation on bus stops will expand to identify rail/BRT lines, in conjunction with the word “Metro.”

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