Get Your Undies in a Bundle—By Subscription

As long as you’re grabbing the same CK boxer briefs or Hanes tighty-whities off the shelf every time, say Man Essentials’ cofounders, why not get them delivered instead?

Get Your Undies in a Bundle—By Subscription

When’s the last time you changed underwear? The style and brand you buy, that is. If you’re a man, not very recently, Luke Huebner and Graham Waite are willing to bet.

They launched Minneapolis-based Man Essentials ( in September, a socks-and-undies subscription service to help you avoid those emergency Target runs when you haven’t done laundry or your underwear drawer no longer bears close scrutiny.

“For men, you pick what works for you when you’re around 18, 19,” and you stick with it, Huebner says. He bases his assertion on quizzing friends, family, and “everyone I’ve worked with.” Given the predictability, Huebner, a veteran of local ad agencies and of an e-commerce start-up that he prefers not to name, calls subscription underwear “an outrageously straightforward business idea.”

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